I am Vitamin D deficient and a dermatologist. Not shocking since I have embarrassed my kids for the past 10 years with my big hats, swim shirts, and excessive amounts of sunscreen. I also had a basal cell skin cancer on my face at age 31. Not shocking either if you knew me from ages 15-25. My high school and college friends will tell you I always tried to have the best tan possible. This question arises about vitamin D levels and not enough sun exposure. My advice is to use the non-chemical sunscreens ( titanium and zinc oxide) , wear hats and sun protective clothing and get your vitamin D level checked by bloodwork. I am taking prescription vitamin D once a week for 3 months then rechecking my levels. The sun damage and skin cancer I have seen over the past 10 years has proven to me that those that don’t protect look worse than those that do. A pill is easy to take but reversing the damage already done is much more challenging! I have more energy since taking my supplements and feel better knowing I am protecting my bones and my skin at the same time!